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  • A huge never-to-be-repeated $XXX AUD discount.

To receive this offer, simply place a $19.99AUD deposit ($13.99USD~) and you will be locked in for our exclusive 30% off making a Nüdel Pod only $399AUD ($260USD~)  including FREE Shipping (This is only to limited locations: Australia, USA, UK and Canada).

These are LIMITED in quantity to 2000 and more than half are gone.

This is never-to-be-repeated $399AUD discount (RRP $599AUD / $379USD).

Why do we want your $19.99AUD reservation? It gives you direct access to the designers and a huge discount. You get special content and early content content plus other special discounts.

Why Reserve?

Why do we want your $30 AUD ($25 USD~) reservation? It gives you direct access to the designers and a huge discount. In return, it helps us to know when to launch, how many to produce so we have less waste which is better for the environment and helps you save money. It also guarantees the success of the Pod launch so everyone wins.


Today's payment is $30 AUD ($25 USD~). But don't worry, if you do buy a pod - you will pay for it in your local currency.

Nüdel Pod is still in development and the final designs may change. The images for limited editions are the latest prototypes that we have, and we will update you with any changes to appearance, cost, or function. Final VIP price is subject to change, we will notify you before the campaign launches.