Nüdel Pod

A Game-Changer

The Nüdel Pod turns your child from the toy user to the toy maker. Creating a rich environment full of possibility to express their unique, quirky selves.

Designed In Australia

Designed by Marcus Veerman, Founder and CEO of Nüdel in collaboration with one of the best children’s product designers Emma Ribbens.

For Children 1 Year +

A tool for childhood that does what toys were always meant to do. To help a child to understand how the world works and where they fit in it. And they love it.

Turn Your Child From A Toy User Into The Toy Maker

The Nüdel Pods' open-ended design engages children and parents in a pure play experience, driving creativity and facilitating deep, flow-state engagement.

Nüdel Pod From Toy User To Toy Maker

Replaces Almost All Your Children’s Toys

Quickly re-create thousands of the toys that clog up your space. Then enjoy as your child (and you) create millions more of your own creations.

Nüdel Pod Replace Childs Toys

The Pod Squad Our Inspirational Community

The Nüdel Pod includes a full pack of Inspo cards (over 50) with instructions and links to videos in a growing online library. Our amazing pod squad members can even submit their own ideas. We can’t wait to see what the Pod Squad Community dreams up! Join the Pod Squad Community HERE


Is clutter your kryptonite?

The Nüdel Pod is here to help you from drowning in clutter. Most houses are full of hundreds of toys do only one thing but and each new toy takes up precious space for play increases parents cleaning load. The pod's tiny footprint leaves you with a calm and uncluttered place for focussed play.

Without Pod
With Pod

Enjoyable For Parents Too

Parents continually tell us how enjoyable their time is with their children when using the Nüdel Pod each day, the experiences are fresh and new instead of the mind numbing repetition often experienced when playing with their children using traditional toys.

Customer Reviews

What parents (and kids) are saying...

The Nüdel Family

Proven Track Record

We took our award-winning Nüdel Kart trusted by hundreds of schools around the world, and created a smaller, compact version the size of a couple of shoeboxes for any residential household to own.

Nüdel Family Or Products

The Nüdel Kart

For up to 30 children

The Nüdel Rover

For 8-10 children

The Nüdel Pod

Our first tool for the home

Nüdel Pod Kickstarter Campaign Success
Nüdel Pod Kickstarter Funded In Under 90 Minutes
Nüdel Pod Kickstarter Project We Love

Kickstarter Success

$309,513 Pledged

Our goal was to raise $50,000AUD which we did in under 90 minutes on launch day, 27th February, 2024. The total pledged was $309,513AUD and the project was 619% Funded with 806 Backers.

Meet The Creator

The Mind Behind Nüdel Pod

The Nüdel Pod represents a 15-year journey in maximising the opportunity for children to learn the foundational skills to thrive. Our creator is Marcus Veerman, the Founder and CEO of Playground Ideas and Nüdel. To hear the journey and how the Pod came into existance, have a listen to his story on this podcast.

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